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SEO SpyGlass 5.5.3
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SEO SpyGlass 5.5.3

License:$99.75 SEO Software
Language:English, Dutch, French, German, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish
Platform:Vista, Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile
Requirements:Java Runtime Environment 1.5
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

SEO SpyGlass - An awesome piece of SEO software that reveals all juicy links competing sites get ranked for, shows their results for plenty of ranking factors such as Google PR of the backlink and its domain, Alexa PR of the backlink domain, etc. It provides the age and IP of all the sites linking back to the site you are checking, etc. Not only does it show you most SEO effective links, but also the exact value of each, the information on which links are internal and the totals for outbound links and all the links in general - pretty amazing, huh? It also allows you to keep backlink history. You can see new links, removed links and those found earlier that have retained their position. It also shows you the anchor texts your rival website is optimized for, arranging keywords according to the number of times they appear in the anchor and title text of their backlinks.

It creates 3 different reports that you may redesign, save to your computer in any format, publish to the web or email to clients. This backlinks explorer is super easy to use and performs most of the tasks on auto-pilot. It's equipped with a quick search facility, a task scheduler and a dozen of other amazing features to save you time. It also allows you to customize your workspace in a way that looks best for you and have your reports and interface in any language you need. The backlink checker works with 412 search engines.

This totally amazing software is 100% Google friendly and supports Google and Yahoo! APIs, so that you can always safely access these SEs. It's equipped with a unique proxy rotation mechanism to make your search experience practically unstoppable. To make it even more reliable, there's even an option to add a special anti-CAPTCHA service to it.

This groundbreaking SEO tool is now also powered with a new huge backlink source - its totally own, unique and unrivaled feature, which gives you access to the database of unlimited number of backlinks at a ridiculous price.

List of Changes:

Version 5.5.3 from 2012-10-30

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Version 5.4.7 from 2012-09-04

- The bug that was causing problems collecting Google-related SEO factors has been fixed;
- The number of supported search engines has been updated and is now 161;
- Several minor usability enhancements have been implemented to further improve SEO SpyGlass performance.

Version 5.4.3 from 2012-07-30

- The Dutch interface has been updated and improved
- The SEO reporting feature in SEO SpyGlass has been further stabilized
- A few performance enhancements and bug fixes have been implemented in SEO SpyGlass
- The number of supported search engines has been revised and is now 160

Version 5.3 from 2012-06-15

- Side-by-side comparison of competitors' backlink profiles is now possible in SEO SpyGlass
- SEO SpyGlass's overall performance has been enhanced (requires less time, RAM and bandwidth)
- The Russian interface has been updated and improved

Version 5.1.2 from 2012-05-11

- You can now see Google Analytics-reported backlinks in SEO SpyGlass
- Polish, French and Spanish interfaces have been significantly improved
- Mechanisms for collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated

Version 5.0.8 from 2012-03-31

-Five brand-new color schemes for user interface added
-The Polish version of SEO SpyGlass has been significantly updated
-Meta Description and Meta Keywords columns now appear in the workspace area
-The bug that was hampering the analysis of some Yahoo!-related SEO factors has been fixed

Version 5.0.2 from 2012-02-17

- Hot-new interface design - check it out!
- A quick filter for browsing the projects' menu has been added.
- The mechanisms of collecting and processing all ranking factors got updated
- It is now possible to sort scheduled tasks alphabetically

Version 4.8.2 from 2012-01-13

- Retrieves backlinks for the analyzed websites from a new backlink source:
- When exporting data to CSV, you can now choose to export the Notes column value as well
- SEO SpyGlass now "speaks" 8 languages

Version 4.8 from 2011-12-09

-Major update: in addition to the 412 SE sources, SEO SpyGlass now uses Link-Assistant's huge in-house database to provide backlink stats
-Advanced grouping feature added, which allows one to organize backlink metrics in tree-like catalogues
-Processing CAPTCHAs in Centrum has been improved

Version 4.6.6 from 2011-11-11

- SEO SpyGlass has been fully translated into Polish
- Another source of backlink data added (Alexa )
- Processing CAPTCHAs from Exalead search engine has been improved

Version 4.5.7 from 2011-09-16

-Two new website backlink reports released in beta
-Checking domain rank and traffic according to got improved
-SEO SpyGlass now delivers more accurate results while identifying proxy statuses

Version 4.5.3 from 2011-08-04

- With the recent speed update, SEO SpyGlass collects backlinks up to 20 times faster
- SEO SpyGlass has been updated to support new Yahoo BOSS API keys
- The number of supported search engines is now 412

Version 4.2.8 from 2011-04-15

1) Fully translated in Spanish and Slovak.
2) Uploading reports to a website via FTP enhanced.
3) The built-in browser significantly updated.

Version 4.1.3 from 2011-02-16

1) Now SEO SpyGlass lets you export from your projects Google Analytics visits data for backlinks.
2) SEO SpyGlass's scroll bar in HTML template editor window was improved.
3) The list of Internet directories in SEO Success Blueprint report was updated.

Version 4.0.3 from 2010-12-21

1) Blekko added to the list of supported search engines.
2) Fully translated into Dutch.
3) UNIQUE "Anti-CAPTCHA" Search Safety Feature added.

Version 3.8.7 from 2009-06-30

1. Working with Yahoo! and Google API improved
2. 6 regional versions of Google Croatia and Liechtenstein added
3. New regional versions of AOL, Altavista and Lycos (UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain)
4. Proxy Rotation Enhanced
5. Overall perfomance improved

Version 3.7.1 from 2009-04-06

Proxy Rotation added. You can now work with Google and other search engines from behind anonymous proxies making an unlimited number of automated quiries. SpyGlass can also search for public proxies and rotate them.
Google and Yahoo! Popularity added to the ranking factors.

Version 3.6.4 from 2009-02-11

12 new search engines added, including Google Groups, as well as many Italian and Malaysian SEs. Plus since this version SEO SpyGlass is able to add new backlinks every time you rebuild a project - it doesn't remove the old links, letting you see the progress of your competitor's backlink strategy.

Version 3.6 from 2008-12-15

1) Three new search engines have added: AllTheWeb, and
2) Performance has been improved: projects now load faster, and overall responsiveness is improved, particularly when looking for information in search engines.
3)Algorithms for Yahoo! and Alexa search engine ware updated.


The most efficient backlink checker ever made

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File Size: 56.7 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

tinsoul 2007-05-15 10:51:58 #
Version: 3.6

Save your money

Purchased the full version of Spyglass a while back and I have been underwhelmed.

SEO Splglass basically does what it says ... but you're not going to be surprised by great results. Of course, it is just reporting information that is readily available from the search engines. I thought it might be worthwhile to have it gather everything into one place, but I was wrong.

*) It is very basic. You can put in keywords or a URL and have it examine it.

*) I found that the results were off-topic. That is, not what I wanted. The real disadvantage is that you can't re-direct/pare down the results. You know how you use advanced search techniques to find what you really want? You can't do that with SEO Spyglass ... which means you're back to the early days of the internet. Searching through a ton of results that you don't care about.

*) It just spits out a bunch of data. It's up to you to make sense of it and get results.

*) It is sloooow. I've let it run overnight before and it never finished.

Anyway, they have a free trial that you should definitely try first. I wish I would have ... then I wouldn't have purchased the full version. There are better services out there.

Download Now
File Size: 56.7 Mb